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In our dental clinic we offer also plenty of possibilities in prosthetics. 
There is a possibility to produce porcelain or alloy crowns and bridges, which are of great endurance and almost do not conflict with the colour and form of patient’s real teeth.

In our clinic it is also possible to produce removable prosthesis. In case of total or partly missing of teeth, we can offer either full or partial plates. Plates are the cheapest solution for substitution of teeth (although it is still very hard to visually notice difference between good plates and real teeth), which adapt to the human body. Benefit of partial plate is that in case of loosing more teeth there is no need to remake all prosthesis, but missing tooth can be added to existing plate. 

The problem with the plate prosthesis is that sometimes it is problematic for patient to mentally get used to wearing plates, so therefore we also offer arched prosthesis with all the modifications. Arched prosthesis are more delicate, more precise and smaller than the plates, so patient adapt easier to them. Still, arched prostheses are also more expensive than the plates and in case of loosing an extra tooth nothing can be added – You need to remake the whole prosthesis. This is an important reason to chose arched prosthesis only if the rest of teeth are healthy and stable.